The Water + Sole Difference

At Water and Sole what we do is very different from anything else you will experience. The space is designed to help you drift and be in the moment. You can stop rushing, working the to-do list and let us pamper you. It’s more than just a sophisticated spa experience with upscale customer service. You will feel the difference.

There is no need to undress or shower afterward, Water and Sole foot massages fit into everyday routines without having to schedule special “spa days.”

You can go back to work or play in half an hour to an hour, depending on whether you choose a 25- or 50-minute massage. In addition to the profound relaxation you will experience, you will also value the rejuvenating benefits of the specialized foot and calf massage by licensed massage therapists, which incorporates reflexology techniques.

A quality foot massage and reflexology helps blood circulation, fights depression, promotes better sleep, relieves headaches and body pain, eases menopause symptoms and helps with arthritis.

Regular therapeutic foot massage is part of a healthy lifestyle and becomes an important part of a person’s health and wellness routine.

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