Healthy Feet, Healthy Body
Water + Sole
introduces total body health from the ground up

––Since ancient times, healing systems such as Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic have recognized feet as a source of total body health. 

––With 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 30 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments feet are complex constructions that connect and correspond to every other body part. 

––Leading doctors and specialists today (including Harvard Medical) confirm that foot problems lead to problems elsewhere throughout the body. By contrast, healthy feet provide support, balance, flexibility, and stability. Three out of four Americans will suffer some form of foot ailment in their lifetime.

Enter Water + Sole, the brainchild of Sarasota local, Douglas King, whose vision is to create America’s finest foot massage spa. What began as a quest for a relaxing treatment in a beautiful environment evolved as King learned about feet from experts like an integrative medicine MD, podiatrists, sports medicine practitioners, and physical therapists. “Really, I had no idea how beneficial a foot massage is to the whole body,” he stated. “But once I started researching, the evidence proved to be massive.” After a year of information-gathering, King developed the program he calls Healthy Feet, Healthy Body. In essence, feet are the source of total body health. The program will continually evolve, adding simple but effective foot exercise regiments and other initiatives.

Defined by cleanliness, beauty, tranquility, and highly trained technicians, Water + Sole sets the standard for an accessible addition to anyone’s personal wellness program. With over 2400 clients in his first year, King realized the immense potential of his concept. “Once people experience a real foot massage, they’re hooked,” he says. “They walk out different. Some clients call it being ‘massage drunk.’ There’s this look of complete contentment, and they’re more talkative and friendly. They feel better! When people learn the health benefits of foot massage, it becomes a no-brainer. We created the Healthy Feet, Healthy Body program to facilitate a regular foot massage regiment that works for anyone. With one massage a month, your membership is already paid for. Additional massages cost less than lunch at a restaurant!” 

Devoted clients include executives, retirees, professional athletes, bridal parties, mother-daughter duos, friends, couples including massage as part of date night, and visiting celebrities like Renee Zellweger. Calming ambient music, aromatherapy oils, Himalayan salt lamps, and a serene palette of blues and white convene in an environment that beckons clients to return.

In response to Covid 19, Water + Sole has adjusted to accommodate all CDC guidelines. Sanitation is thorough, including public surfaces and a complete cleaning of the massage stations (which are situated six-feet apart) after each service. Clients and therapists have their temperature taken, and the therapists wear both gloves and masks. The spa also developed Water + Sole To Go, where a nominal $20 travel fee is added to the member price of a massage. Healthy Feet, Healthy Body™, is an easy pathway to managing one’s health during radically unusual times, and empowers individuals to take charge of their health and well-being when they need both more than ever. 

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