Improve your mood. Increase your energy.
No getting undressed. No waiting around.

A Water + Sole foot massage sends you back into the world grounded, centered and happy. Foot massage is proven to reduce the effects of stress, release more serotonin, help melatonin production and improve blood circulation.

Water + Sole is a healthy ritual that fits into your busy life. You’re going to feel as good as a full body massage without feeling all oily and without wasting time getting undressed or waiting for a therapist.

Water + Sole is massage for modern people.

reg. 30.00

25 Minute Massage

Stay comfortable in your own clothes and enjoy a warm foot bath and a deep foot massage. Work it into your routine for mental and physical stress management.

reg. 50.00

50 Minute Massage

It’s like a tune-up for the body and mind, allowing you to reduce stress, release endorphins, close your eyes and drift. Stay comfortable in your own clothes and enjoy a warm foot bath and an upper and lower body massage with extra emphasis on your feet.

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Get a 25 minute massage ($30) for the busy person-on-the-go in your life. Give a 50 minute massage ($50) for those in need of a tune-up. Gift your favorite pair a couples massage ($60, $100)!